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First & Last mile data collection
Transparency & traceability from farm to fork

Manage it with the FarmerUnite (FUN) App & dashboard

First mile data collection:

The FUN App helps you register the first mile data for your products.  We help you with traceability from Farm to Factory.  Our App registers online when possible, or saves temporarily offline when no network is available. A data sync to our cloud will happen as soon as the App registers an available connection. This provides realtime insights in the progress of harvests and the available possible amount of produce.

One goal of the FUN App is to reach not only fair pricing, but also true pricing. The only way to reach true pricing for SME’s is when there is insght into the true costs. This way, a fair produce price can be calculated as a base for the fair price chain that follows. Our aim is to help smallholder farmers to be able to generate a better income by using the collected data in a smart way and in their advantage:

To maximise yields, minimise the costs, take both quality and biodiversity in account.


    In addition to the FUN App there is a dashboard available to provide valuable  insights.

    Via the web based dashboard, which can be opened on any device, admins can add users and authorising them in different roles.

    Visualisations in the dashboard includes:

    • Available produce
    • Harvest progress
    • Locations and certifications
    • Amount, revenue, and crops, per farmer
    • Percentage female farmers
    • Percentage smartphone users

      Digital transactions

       The FUN app and dashboard provide options for tokenisation and mobile money. To minimise fraud, and promote true and fair pricing of products. Our innovative tech solutions make it possible to grant micro finance using transactions outside the regular financial systems, making digital money and transparency in transactions accessible for everyone.  


      Last mile loyalty programs:

      Our last mile solutions makes it possible for brands to proof impact.  Through a  QR code on the product packaging or by adding vouchers, we facilitate  loyalty campaigns from Factory to Fork:

      • Proof impact
      • Show traceability
      • Discount / savings campaigns
      • Give back / tip the farmer

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